AUDIO CONTENT MARKETING & PODCASTING STRATEGIES. ** (Stay tuned for more details on program soon).

  • Trends and developments on audio as a marketing tool. The audio culture today and its implications to marketing.
  • Podcasting content strategy and key success factors. Working it into your entire marketing plans.
  • How you can develop an audio content strategy for your product and brand and get a share of "ear".
  • How brands can create outstanding & standout audio content in their marketing mix.
  • Types of successful audio formats and success stories.
  • Its a voice first world today, so whats next?
  • From the other noise to actually being heard by your audience. How to?
  • Smart speakers and other drivers for audio.
  • Overview of audience audio consumption patterns around the world.
  • Technology, device, platforms,  formats and apps.
  • Data and audio - key updates and applications.
  • Guidelines to creating audio content that is relevant to your audience.
  • Creating effective native ads in today's digital landscape.